At Boyer's Being a Student Has it's Perks

Late night study sessions, living in cramped dorms and spending thousands on text books - you deserve a break! At Boyer Chevrolet Lindsay we think it's about time someone cut you some slack.

GM Financial and Boyer Auto Group have many programs and offers designed to help students finance, lease and buy new vehicles. Whether you're in High School, a recent grad, attending University or College or enrolled in continuing education, you may be eligible for student discounts and special rates!

On this page you'll find resources and helpful links to guide you through the decision making processes, and save you some big bucks when you're ready to make your move!


Do Ontario Students Qualify For Any Automotive Discounts?

Yes! Eligible students can save big with GM's Student Bonus.

What About High School Students?

Absolutely! We understand that the hard work starts long before your first day on campus, so there are options for students not yet in Post Secondary Education. GM works hard to provide programs and discounts for students and first time buyers, so always ask your Business Manager what you qualify for.

Should Students Lease?

For sure! With GM Financial's Graduate Lease, leasing might be the perfect way for you to get the vehicle of your dreams for a lot less.

Can Students With Really Bad Credit Scores Still Be Approved For Auto Loans?

This is a question we get all the time. We understand how easy it is to make mistakes, especially with your money. We also believe in second chances. That's why we have our Credit Mechanics! They help reestablish credit, work through poor credit situations, work with you to improve your credit scores and most importantly, get you behind the wheel fast. In No-Credit situations the Credit Mechanics can help get you approved and on your way to establishing a healthy score. Be sure to check them out!