Fuel Efficiency Tips - How To Use Less Of It

Although it may feel like we have lost all control when it comes to how much we pay for gas, we can always make small changes in the way we drive in order to lessen the sting at the pump. We may not be able to bring down the price but the tips below will help make the most out of every litre!

How can I save money at the pump?

  • Fill up when it's cool and before long weekends or holidays. Cooler temps (like in the morning or at night) creates less vapor. And filling up 2-3 days before a holiday usually save you a few cents at the pump.
  • Pre-Pay and tighten the cap. When buying gas, waiting for the pump to shut off automatically gets you more fuel. Also, your vehicle needs fuel and fumes, so tighten the gas cap after every fill!
  • Use the correct grade. Your Owner's Manual was written for a reason. And remember, the higher grade fuels leave less gunk in your engine, allowing it to use less power.
Do my driving habits influence my fuel economy? (Yes, they do!)

  • Go the speed limit and use Cruise Control. Speed limits are designed to maximize safety, but they also get bonus points for helping with fuel economy too. You can get up to 20% more mileage going 85KM/hr than going 110KM/hr.
  • Drive 'evenly' and avoid harsh stops. Quick starts and sudden stops burn more fuel and braking power. Ease up on the pedals next time you see a red light or stop sign up ahead. And avoid trying to prove your zero-to-sixty capabilities every time you take off. 
  • Avoid excessive idling and rush-hour traffic. (if only it was that simple!) You can burn up to a gallon per hour while sitting in rush hour traffic. Try carpooling or public transit when possible.
  • Don't accelerate up hill. Instead, build up speed before the incline. And coast down hills too.

What factors help to burn the most fuel?

  • Heavy Rooftop carriers! About 1/4 of each gallon of gas is needed to overcome wind resistance, so avoid added bulky items to the top of your vehicle. If traveling long distances, use an aerodynamic carrier.
  • Jam-packed trunks. The heavier your vehicle, the more power and fuel it's going to need to reach top speeds. If you don't need it, don't carry it around with you in your trunk!
  • Not knowing when to use the windows. During nicer weather, keep the windows open while driving around town or doing errands. But if you hop on the highway, the open windows will actually create drag and cause your vehicle to use more fuel to keep it at highway speeds. So save AC for the highways, and enjoy the breeze around town.

Do you have helpful tips?

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