Extended Service Contracts & Warranties

    Buying a new vehicle is a big step, and ensuring you have the right coverage should be part of the process.

    At the time of purchase, all customers have the option to purchase addition protection plans to extend their service contracts to better suite their life style and driving habits. In fact, we recommend this step and pride ourselves on being able to offer these choices to our customers.

Can Have My New Pre-Owned Vehicle Cover & Protected Like a New Vehicle?

    When dealing with Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, each Extended Service Contract extends the coverage way beyond the standard 3 month/ 5,000km warranty - to at least 160,000km+. This means beloved features like the 24 Hour Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption Protection are extended for the full life of the vehicle, just like a brand new car!

Which Extended Service Contact is Right for Me?

    Each Extended Service Contract carries a $100 deductible and can be completely tailored to your specific driving habits.
If you drive many kilometers a day, it would make sense to tailor your warranty coverage to fit that in, so we give you the option to do so.

    There are many options to choose from. For starters,
  • The Powertrain Plan offers basic coverage,
  • The Custom plan allows for added coverage of mechanical systems, and
  • The Total 'Plus' Plan is one of the most comprehensive plans available.
We also offer specific Extended Service Contracts like XS Wear's Wear & Tear Lease Protection or TriCare Products to help keep your vehicles in showroom condition. Each plan is based on the age of the vehicle, the level of coverage you want, deductible options and your budget. You have complete control!

Why do I Need Extended Service Contracts?

    Once you've chosen a vehicle and are ready to make it your own, the decisions you make about added warranties and Protection Plans will affect the peace of mind you have going forward.
During the purchasing process, make a mental note about what matters most to you going forward. Would you rather pay a little bit more per month and not have to worry about problems under the hood, or are you more comfortable driving cautiously and dealing with maintenance as it presents its self. We'll ask you questions about your driving history, driving habits and plans for the future to help guide you to the perfect, tailored plan!

    Take a look at our additional insurance options too. Just like Extended Service Contracts, adding different insurance policies can help aid or eliminate your financial risk in the event of an accident.