The Graduate Lease Program


A little something to help you find the next set of roads

    Introducing The Graduate Lease by GM Financial. After the long road of post-secondary education it makes sense to us and the people at GM Financial to help you get on with your next adventure. For most students, the step after graduation involves finding a new direction, a new career and having new experiences. Usually, a reliable mode of transportation is on the must-have list. With so many decisions to make, financing a vehicle should be the last of your worries. GM Financial is proud to offer you the Graduate Lease program which is designed to help recent college and university graduates lacking credit experience qualify for financing a new GM vehicle.

    The program is offered to all graduates of recognized colleges or universities who received either a 2-year diploma or 3-year degree minimum. The list of perks associated to the program is a long one. Previous credit experience is almost never required, there is no need for a cash down-payment and it is applicable for 36 or 48 month term leases.

    Because this is a lease program, it gives you more flexibility and expands your options, so you get more vehicle for less. Leases also help eliminate the possibility of negative equity. You'll also enjoy a more worry-free driving experience, thanks to the factory warranty periods that cover many everyday repairs. We can even help you establish a healthy credit history.

    In order to qualify for The Graduate Lease program you must have proof of graduation and confirmation of employment. We understand finding a life-long career right after graduation is challenging, so proof of employment can be: proof of current employment or an employment start date before the first payment is due. Also, as per GM Financial's recommendations and guidelines, your vehicle lease payment, including taxes, cannot exceed 25% of your gross monthly income.This way we can ensure than from the beginning, we never set you up to fail.

    Ask one of our sales consultants or Finance Manager about The Graduate Lease today, and get the most out of your driving experience. -- Oh and by the way, CONGRATS on making it through the school years! Welcome to the next chapter!