Additonal Insurance & Coverage Options

Today buying or leasing a vehicle is a lot more than just signing a check and driving home. You never know what may lay up ahead, so we have an assortment of plans and options to help you and your vehicle prepare for the unexpected.

How Do I Keep My Vehicle, My Family and Myself Protected?

Bellow are just some of the options available to help extend or enhance a vehicle's protection. Each person's needs are different from the next, and the vehicle they drive will always need a unique game-plan! Be sure to contact our Business Office for full details, because at Boyer's we know that each sale is as individual as the person behind the wheel!


What Is Chevrolet's "Complete Care"?

The New 2014 Chevrolet line-up comes backed by built-in Peace of Mind. Which every vehicle you choose, whether it's a Cruze, Volt, Silverado or SUV, you can rest assured knowing you're bases are covered by some of Chevrolet's most coveted offers. In short, The Chevrolet Complete Care Program provides the following:
  • Chevrolet Base Warranty
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Security, Diagnostics, Connections and Emergency by OnStar

Make sure to talk to our Business Managers, Kevin Bailey & Craig O'Reilly, or your Sales & Leasing Consultant for full details on the Chevrolet Complete Care Program.